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Full Version: Roleplay/Canon Status
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-- Cult of Ustream >>
-- Shiveztel >>
-- Heaven's Duality >>
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Euthoran Song

Skyking (fic) is on hold

Kel en Miir (statplay) is ongoing here >> (Chapter 1.3)

Fyreborne (fic) is on hold until I finalize plot holes

Arseiara Rakh (freeform) is on hold

Mrikiu en Teir (undecided) is on hold

Silverclaw, Forsaken (freeform) is on hold and not likely to happen
Cult of Ustream

Cult of Ustream (chatplay) is ongoing

Season Zero (chatplay) is ongoing sort of

Noncanon Generation 2 (chatplay) is ongoing

Kyton Haryn Military Reports (series) is on hold

Shiveztel (fic) is being written
Heaven's Duality

Serpent of Heaven (freeform) is on hold until there is interest

Line in the Sand (statplay) is on hold

Interface (statplay) is on hold
Other Roleplays

Raised to Win (freeform) is completed in favor of working on Forlorn Spectre

Forlorn Spectre (comic) is ongoing here >>

Subversive Purgatory (statplay) is on hold until I gain more experience as a GM

Algorithm of Fate (chatplay) is on hiatus until others are willing to play

Unnamed Daeridune canon (chatplay) is ongoing sort of

Unnamed Rinul canon (chatplay) is ongoing sort of
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