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Full Version: Common Phrases
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- "sa siir ataii" -> "with exposed throat" (with blind trust or carelessness)
- "rala kelai" -> "good hunting" (an expression to wish someone fortune in their activities)
- "fortusi teílosu" -> "lucky winds" (to wish another fast and safe travels; may also be "winds be at your back")
- "rásst" (lost in translation; an expression of irritation or annoyance)
- "Etati-ait drákia veílot" -> "into the dragon's lair" (into certain danger or high risk)

Koura fou i koura
"Black as a beast spirit"
"Koura" can mean both "black" and "detatched-animal", the latter of which becomes "animal spirit" or "beast spirit". It's a verbal pun, and since "beast" is often used as a draconic insult, the phrase has a negative connotation.
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