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Character Creation
11-04-2014, 05:21 AM (This post was last modified: 04-19-2015 04:52 AM by Flimzy.)
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Character Creation
When you create your character, the most important aspects to keep in mind are stats and skills. These are intimately tied, and you will create them in pair. For all player characters, the stats to be distributed among the six are:
One 5
Three 4s
Two 3s

For all stats that have a 4, choose a skill from that stat to represent it for that character. For the stat in which you have a 5, choose two skills.

If you are having trouble with this process, try envisioning a character first, and writing down the kinds of things they do. Do your best to find the skills that best represent that, and assign stats accordingly. Keep in mind that all the skills are designed intentionally be to very vague. This is because they are supposed to represent whatever character or monster you or the GM has in mind.

You may notice that some skills in the skill list have square brackets. This means there are different variants of that skill. The skill should explain what is available. You only get one by default, but you can amend this with your signature if you feel it is unfitting.

Player character creation is somewhat strict, but this is how it works in the system in general. The higher the stat, the more skills you have, the highest natural stat being 7.
I like to view the stats as a ranking. This has no effect on gameplay, but it IS how I develop monsters on the fly.
3 = D
4 = C (Average)
5 = B
6 = A
7 = S

After you have your stats and skills figured out, player characters must choose the stats for something called signature. This is completely unique to players. You choose a name for your signature, keeping in mind that this is a powerful, class-defining tool that they are using. You can find more on your adventure, but feel free to make this a natural or abstract weapon, such as claws, or a fighting style.

When designing it, you have 3 points to spend on this list of skills, which vary from 1 point, to 2 points, to half a point, depending. Most of them cannot be repeated, unless they are marked with (Stacks)
(1) Get a +1 in a specific skill.
(1) A specific skill is automatically considered focused. (Movement skills not allowed)
(1) -1 Mind damage from mana use. (Stacks)
(1) Permanent Spellslot (Stacks)
(2) +1 in a stat
(2) An extra skill
(.5) An extra variant of a skill you already know

That essentially defines your character. Wherever you wrote this down, you’re going to want to find a place to keep track of your spellslots, any items you picked up, and any active effects on your character, but this is currently up to your sense of aesthetics until an official character sheet is designed.
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04-19-2015, 04:08 AM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2015 09:33 AM by Flimzy.)
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RE: Character Creation
For an example run though, let's start with the iconic character: Mario.

What are the things Mario does?
He shoots fireballs
He jumps around a bunch
He hits things with a hammer

As such, some skills we can infer he has are:
Rush; An offensive dexterity skill we can use to represent him jumping on things.
Dodge; A defebsuve dexterity skill that we can assume is him jumping over obstacles.
Hammer; a variant of the attack skill
Fire; a variant of the element skill
Soul; a passive defense, because he's the unwavering hero.

Because he needs those skills, we know his stats are:

Str: 4 (Hammer)
End: 3
Wis: 4 (Fire)
Kwl: 3
Dex: 5 (Dodge/Rush)
Cha: 4 (Soul)

Now, he must choose his signature. There's a lot of things I could use for mario, but his skills are so focused on physical combat, I think he needs the mushroom powerup to give him an extra hit of sorts.

Super Mushroom: (Body Skill / +1 to Body)

With that installed he takes a point less damage from physical attacks. Adding the body skill took two points, so he could only have one more, and the +1 to that skill was vital, as resist body automatically rolls a 3.

Str: 4 (Hammer)
End: 3
Wis: 4 (Fire)
Kwl: 3
Dex: 5 (Dodge/Rush)
Cha: 4 (Soul)
Super Mushroom: (Body Skill / +1 to Body)
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